The World of Erdesseä

Beyond the tale of years there are stories of a human empire that rose and fell prior to the coming of the elves from the west. Of these times no records remain, and little is hinted beyond the name Vondalar.

The tale of the coming of the elves is a long and sorrowful saga better sung by their bards. Their established holds in the western forests remain, and stories are told of their wild brethren who wander the fens and forests of Cadesia.

The events which define the age of men were the rise and fall of the Luverian empire. The Pax Luveria spread across the continent; prosperity led to the great works of our ancestors that can still be seen. For generations, mankind united fended off the evils of the world. The last of the dragons was driven from the west, great works of art and architecture were created.

But glory fades, and over time temptations of power proved too strong. In their quest for ever greater power the high mages of Luveria turned to diabolism, channeling the forces of Hell for their works; before the end even the Emperor turned to the dark path. Luveria was plunged into a great war of darkness versus light which reshaped the lands, and ended the promise the peace had held for those many centuries.

Centuries passed, and the forces of the Solarium struggled to drive evil from the lands of the empire. Civilization fled west, as humans spread across the lands long held by the Elves. The nations, young and old, were eventually united as the Confederacy of Meadufeld. The lands grew in population and power for centuries, until the walls separating the planes were torn asunder once again. Open war erupted across Erdresseä as the forces of evil tried to finish what they began a millennia before.

The shadows have grown across Erdessea in the years since the Planar Eruption, but the forces of good still stand. Though bloodied and battered, separated by untamable wildlands and decades of mistrust, the noble and just remain ever vigilant as the lands heal themselves from the scourge of armies.

Erdessea: Interregnum

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